An agency committed to research
Une agence engagée pour la recherche

An agency committed to research

A key player in supporting research and innovation, the ANR organises multiple initiatives aimed at project coordinators: open days for discussion and networking, simplifying the procedures for accessing funding instruments, measures to promote gender equality and research integrity, etc. The agency also contributes to the development of educational innovation and research projects in areas prioritised by the government, such as artificial intelligence.

Dialogue and simplification

The ANR Tour, reinforcing links with scientific communities

ANR set off to meet scientific stakeholders and the managers of institutions in mainland France and the French overseas territories for the fourth year in a row. This was an opportunity for the Agency to present its 2020 Work Programme, the Generic Call for Proposals (AAPG), its range o...
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Investments for the Future Programmes
Investissements d'avenir

Excellence initiatives in Innovative Education: experimenting and training for transformation

Image ANR has been the operator of the Investments for the Future programmes in the field of higher education and research since 2010. The Agency manages a portfolio of nearly 700 projects focusing on major scientific facilities, res...
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National AI research strategy
L’intelligence artificielle, un développement prioritaire

Artificial intelligence, a priority development

As part of France’s National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Strategy, ANR deployed a series of calls for proposals in 2019 to contribute to the development of AI research and build a network of the many organisations involved in the subject across the country. The Agency also dev...
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Commitments and values
Réduire les inégalités entre les femmes et les hommes de science

Reducing gender inequality in science

ANR made a commitment in 2016 to help reduce gender inequality in higher education and research. In 2019, this commitment resulted in the drafting of an action plan to promote gender equality
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