An agency responding to the needs of all research

An agency responding to the needs of all research

Supporting over 1,000 projects a year, the Generic Call for Proposals (AAPG) is the main funding instrument, representing 70% of the agency's funding budget. It supports research initiatives and projects put forward by young researchers. The agency also offers more targeted calls, including LabComs and industrial chairs, designed to support the creation of joint laboratories shared between public and private stakeholders and respond to research problems. Beyond France, many transnational projects are co-funded with international partners to meet the major challenges of the future.

Supporting and responding to the needs of all research

L’AAPG, instrument clé pour soutenir les initiatives de recherche
> The Generic Call for Proposals

The Generic Call for Proposals: a key instrument for supporting research initiatives

ANR’s headline funding instrument, the Generic Call for Proposals (AAPG) encourages individual and collaborative research initiatives. Open to researchers from all scientific communities, both public and private, the call helped to support 1,157 projects in 2019. The stated intention of...
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Démonstration lors de la journée du 12 décembre à Station F.
> public-private partnerships

ANR’s work to support partnership-based research

Promoting innovation by developing public-private partnerships in the field of scientific research is a core component of ANR’s purpose. The Agency has several funding instruments suited to each level of technological readiness.
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Favoriser les partenariats scientifiques en Europe et dans le monde
> Europe and the world

Encouraging scientific partnerships in Europe and worldwide

Strengthening scientific cooperation across Europe and worldwide is one of ANR’s missions. The priorities include supporting French teams in their international collaborations, providing joint responses to global problems, pooling resources and technologies and building strategic partne...
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Scientific projects


> Anthropology, sociology, geography, political sciences
What cities do to migrants, and what migrants do to cities
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> Health Translational Research
Development of MAIT cells in neonates and after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
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> Nanomaterials
Graphene and BN-based heterostructures for high-speed electronics
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> Solid state physics
Dynamic recrystallization, a key mechanism for the deformation of metals, rocks, and ice
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> Infectiology, plant pathology, virology, evolution
Exploring the Biology of multipartite viruses
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> Astrophysics ; plasma physics
Improving the prediction of solar eruptions by measuring magnetic helicity
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> Microbiology, regulatory RNAs, (Post-)transcriptional control
Role and mode of action of bacterial small RNAs in regulatory networks
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> Numerical analysis
Development of numerical integrators for fluid dynamics and nonlinear elasticity
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> Materials science, physics, chemistry, energies, photovoltaic
Deeper understanding of Silicon (Si) crystallization in correlation and its correlation with photovoltaic properties
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> Photonics
Terahertz spectroscopy of explosives from air plasmas
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> Oncology, immunology, tumor models
Development of cellular, tissular and animal models in oncology
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> Materials sciences
Hierarchical Assembled Organic Materials for Electronics
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> Computer human interaction
Around the 2D plan: improving the visualisation and manipulation of digital information
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Green Edge

> Oceanography, biology, modeling, remote sensing, paleoceanography
Arctic Ocean: the impact of climate fluctuations on biological productivity
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> Cognitive psychology, brain, perception
Representation of ODors: from physical features to perceptual processing
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> Human infectious diseases
Bacterial interaction with the microvasculature , a target for therapeutic intervention during septicaemia
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> Mathematics, physics
European Center for Math, Physics and their Interaction
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> ICT (information and communication technologies), photonics, digital sciences and mathematics
Optical fibers for High Flux
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> Digital studies
Information and communication technologies in service of socio-constructivist project-based learning and digital creativity by students
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> Genetics, genomics, molecular biology, bio-informatics, agronomy, protein crops
Pea Multi-Stress adaptation and biological regulations for yield improvement and stability
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